Driving Ms. Daisy - It's not about me

Have you every had the precious task of caring for someone so dear to you that joy just existed because of the time you spent with them?  I just did...

I was recently self tasked to care for a very special lady in my life in moving her to another state and city. She never lived anyplace else besides the greater Houston area. Over the period of three weeks we packed her home into  3 different locations; a relatives house, my house and her car! Better known as the "White Suitcase" or "Miss Daisy". We then drove across country to the west coast via the Grand Canyon. Where we hiked 18 miles down and up! 

Each day over the course of three weeks amongst the packing and moving I asked the question; "Why am I doing this and what will I learn about her and ultimately me"?  I asked this question in prayer. I then payed attention to the answers that revealed themselves to me in various ways.  I learned to hear and sense her needs not in words but between the words, in cues, looks, actions. I was able to see what she truly needed. Taking her on a quick run/hike to clear her mind as she assimilated into her new life, a gym membership for stress relief or car maintenance to have reliable transportation. At times it was food or for me to just be a listener as she talked or give advice as she needed a different perspective. Other times she was wanting me to take tasks off her plate so she didn't have to worry about them anymore because she knew they were getting done. All this was not about me, I have growing feelings for her, She is a special spiritual lady who I sense closeness to. She was taking care of so many others It is time for me to take care of her. 

I also learned about me. In my past I would think of what or when is she going to do something for me? So juvinile. I have learned that I receive more joy out of having a conversation as she looks to me with trust and love knowing I have her needs as my needs no matter what, That is more rewarding than an act of service or a gift. My presence was felt.

I enjoyed the journey of delivering Miss Daisy and my lady to the west coast and know that joy exists in my life because I was able to put her first, Not as a "Pleaser", not as a "Nice Guy" Not as a "Chump" but as a man I know who I am;  a rock, a companion, a man who is an intuitive and patient, the trip was not about me! 

I am reminded of another question. "When does your woman need your attention? All the fucking time!" Also "I got this!" ,"It's Not Rocket Science."