Time wasted on Debating sports or Presidents

Good Friday morning! Watching the Presidential debates or the Astros sports team win or loose are common occurrences in many peoples lives. What is crazy is the amount of time and emotional energy we spend debating or better yet JUSTIFYING WHY the Astros lost or won and Why Donald Trump is better than Jeb OR HILLARY. The emotions we feel, the passion we express, the stories we create to justify someone else's life is incredible! We feel anger, embarrassment, resentment, fear, joy, elation, satisfaction that we "won" that argument, etc. Then you have all the solutions of what could have been done differently to win the game or the debate... FOR SOMEONE ELSES LIFE! THIS IS PLAIN MADNESS!

People put so much energy and passion into winning an argument and creating a solution about someone else or some situation that has NO BEARING ON THEIR LIFE OR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM! Then if you ask them about their weight or income they create this amazingly "true" story about why they can't loose weight as they are eating a piece of pizza, or they can't change their job to create a better life because of skin color or gender or better yet "the economy" or "I don't have enough education". I see people begging for money on the street corners with very clean cloths, well cut hair, smoking a $5 pack of cigarettes drinking a $3 bottle of some sugary drink, with a new neatly lettered sign on a fresh piece of cardboard written with a Sharpie marker. Then down the street 100 feet you see a car parked...? Just an observation.

I am not passing judgement,  the point is if people spend the same energy spent "gaming the system" or passionately justifying why Trump and not Bush or why they can't change their weight  or can't learn a new skill and turn that same energy inside themselves to earning a better income or loose weight or helping themselves succeed then they would be amazed and not even recognize themselves in 6 months! 

There is so much FREE knowledge available at our finger tips on the net that you have no excuses, no stories, no concrete justifications why you can't. The only reason you have is created inside of yourself. You create the BS stories of why you can't, you create the BS fear of change and justify it with "tradition", or the ever so pathetic & lazy justification of "well it's always been done that way" or any number of EXCUSES to stay stuck. This world you live in was created by people no smarter than you! 

Take personal ownership of yourself, your life! We have been given this power called "Free Will" to do what ever we want and this power is limitless. Pour yourself a super-sized cup of Free Will and turn the mirror around, focus inside yourself and face the fear of change! Because fear is self created and say to the voices of self doubt, "SHUT THE 'F' UP, I AM CREATING THIS LIFE AND I HAVE NO TIME FOR THE NEGATIVE VOICE! Then get off your 'A' and get on with turning OFF the TV, closing FaceBook, removing negative activities, friends and actions from your life and create the life that "everyone else" has that you keep telling stories to yourself about why you can't .

Be the change YOU want to see in YOUR world!

Now put all that excess energy you use to use on sports, useless debates, arguments, justifications about something that does not matter and tell a new story of your life. Focus on yourself and your strengths.  Launch the life of your dreams and make it real, it is only as difficult at YOU make it!!