How often do you play the 'Super-Man' for others?

The Super-man' or Super-woman is not just for men. If you remember Superman almost always put himself second. He put himself second to his parents, his boss, Lois Lane and even on the occasion to Jimmy Olson!. Where in you life do you exhibit the 'Superman' behavior? How often do you swoop in to save the day when there is someone in need, feel great about yourself for a short time until there is no one around to save. The little voice comes into your head about being alone, not worthy of quality relationships, I am not good enough, no one loves me, my boss is out to get me. 

When was the last time someone came to 'save' you? Is this difficult to remember a time? This may be because you are so busy saving others that you don't ask or better yet 'allow' others to 'save' you. A big part of relationship building is to let others in to 'save' you. Allow yourself to be saved which really means let yourself be vulnerable with others who matter in your life. This change in awareness is a very healthy change. 

Awareness is the beginning of change.