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By sharing his life experiences, from being a grounded farmer to reaching the heights of NASA Mission Control, Joe will inspire you by painting a picture to inspire you to never give up on yourself, never give up on finding your best self.  He will demonstrate how simple it is to transform your dreams into reality. 

Joe will cause you to dig deep, to uncover the greatness lurking inside. He will help you understand how powerfully liberating it is to never be afraid to look directly at yourself in 'the mirror' and take ownership of all your thoughts, actions, and realities. Joe understands how rewarding it is to have that tough “cross-roads” conversation with yourself about where you are in life right now and who you want to become.

With his naturally authentic presence, Joe will connect with the audience in a one-on-one conversation about how life will always happen for you. He realized long ago that, when he did not die after accidentally setting himself on fire, that there was a reason and a purpose for this tragedy. He knows life is a journey of gifts and lessons.  It’s not about the destinations in life, not about the stuff, but about who you will become along the journey that creates a life of fulfillment.

Joe Koronowski at the TEDx Hampton Roads

Invite Joe to inspire and educate your audience as he provides a deeply personal narrative that will awaken your audience's curiosity to look deeply inside themselves to find the desire to launch their lives to greater heights. It’s not Rocket Science! 

Keynote Topics and Trainings:

  • The Power of Your Peers.
    • Choosing your peers wisely will greatly impact who you become in a profound way
  • NASA and Mission Control
    • Become a top performer in your life. Find out how simple it is to perform at your best
  • Setting and Achieving Goals - The Simple Secret of Successful People .
    • Most put more effort into planning a successful vacation than planning success goals for their lives. A successful life is so much more than time management of your To-do list. 
  • Achieving Your Dream Life is Very Simple - Do You Have A Plan?
    • By simply creating a plan with written goals in place and following that plan will bring your dreams into reality.
  • Wealth - Are You an Expert Investor in Your Life.
    • You've invested to be an expert in your career, now let's look at becoming THE expert in your life! 
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