Achieving your dreams is simple.... Got a written plan?

As many know when you write your dreams down movement toward them becomes more noticeable, when you create a plan around them they become real, when you put a date on the dream it appears and you begin to live what was once a dream. Having many examples of this in my life I want to share one.  

A person much younger than me created and memorized a lengthy Incantation. He recited it with passion and energy that I have only experienced from Tony Robbins. I recorded his recitation and was inspired to type this incantation out with the intent to present it to him in poster form as a gift.

After typing his incantation I was inspired to write my own. So I did. It includes some very bold statements of who I wanted to become that did not fit at the time. One such statement is "I am a Leader Amongst Kings".  I printed a few copies out and hung them around my house as reminders to me of my journey. They soon became "just another picture on the wall" in my house as life goes on. 

Last night I stopped and read my incantation out loud and became emotional as I realized. "I have become my incantation"! I have become my incantation in just 6 short months! 

Have you written out your dreams, Have put lots of detail into each one and and have you put a date on them all? Give it a try, hey after all it's only Your life and some paper and ink? Vision board, Journal, type it out, create an incarnation, just make it simple, make it fun!!

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