Giant Personal Resource File for Your LIFE...

Great morning! Well it didn't started out as a great morning in my head. I woke with some physical soreness, some mental fatigue and yes self doubt (battling the enemy)! 
Do you have a "ginormous resource file" to dig into like a tool box to "fix" your state of mind to spring board your day when it starts out less than fantastic?? 

After a Fantastic past few weeks spending quality time with my beautiful "friend" Angela, then delivering great value in a talk at Texas A&M University, I have found there is a bit of "what's next" in the conversation in my head. 
This has spawned some self doubt (obviously and old pattern of self doubt letting the enemy run my life).
So I looked into my "Resource Files" of my life. (If you don't have one get one)! I accepted this feeling of self doubt as nothing more than old disempowering beliefs then searched my Resource File to see what lifts my energy. 
For me it's Gratitude to my creator, Nature, Planing, Exercise and Social activities and knowing that my life has purpose; Being the best Joe I can be and helping others be their best selves. 
I am sitting outside Starbucks enjoying the morning sun rise with my planing journal, a Good Book, then off to the gym, food and meeting up with a  great friend to catch up and check in on our path in life, then some remodeling on my kitchen, with more connecting with powerful peers. 
I also remind myself that my doubt is nothing more that the enemy. I say I am more than my current circumstances. A parallel with my kitchen remodel, I focus on the Why and the progress in my life not the mess of construction. 
Look at your 'Resource File' and if you don't have one start one then access it as a personal reference book to say this is how I can make my day outstanding to Show-up as the Best Me I Can Be in my life right now. BOOM! DONE!