Get rid of the "When-Then" - CHOOSE to have BOTH!

Many seek freedom through self-imposed restrictions and material measures by using the "When - Then" perspective. "When I have enough money Then I can travel", When I have a mate Then I can be happy", When I am older Then I will buy a house & start a family", "When I get the $$ Then I can join a gym and exercise".

Drop the  "When-Then" and pick up the "Yes Please, choose to have your cake AND Eat it too"! Choose BOTH! It's your choice! God gave us Free Will... 

Freedom is getting to choose your commitments of time, money, activities, thoughts, energy of how you spend it with others and yourself.

Decide, choose, put effort, energy and focus making a plan then acting on that plan to "Have BOTH"!

It has always been YOUR Choice!

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