Big Obstacles in Your Life - Why?

Do you know what is the biggest obstacle to most people when it comes to pursuing their passion?

The no.1 reason is fear. This fear could be anything…

Fear of failure
Fear of what people think
Fear of the price to pay for success
Even fear of fear itself
Fear paralyses people so badly that it eclipses the burning light most people once had regarding their passion.

Very soon, they succumb to so-called ‘logical thinking’ saying:

I need to take care of my kids
I have commitments at the office
I don’t think I have the time
I’m too old for this
I’m too young for this
I didn't really want this anyway…
And then, the dream dies and passion is quenched - all for the sake of being 'realistic'.

We've got some really hard facts for you:

Nobody on their deathbed wishing they spent more time at the office.

The person who reaches their deathbed with an unfulfilled dream is filled with nothing but emptiness, because they chose to live a 'safe' life rather than one that goes all out to pursue their dream.

You have the choice to reclaim your birthright and life each day as though it was your last day.

Fear is your enemy, courage is your friend.

Question: If you were guaranteed success, what would you do?

Affirmation for today:

I am courageous to go after my dreams!