Let People Know What we do...https://youtu.be/45SzEIZbXT4

YES I even "struggle" to find that focus and energy to put toward my speaking & coaching businesses. I do ask myself "Was I was not that successful today?" 
I do "struggle" to focus as I overcome the old disempowering thoughts and patterns of my past, as I choose to do something that I love.

BUT I see this "struggle" as an excuse, a bull shit excuse for nothing other than not owning my choices, not choosing to believe in me and be grateful for all I have to offer in this Life to my audiences, Leaders I have trained and anyone I connect with each day. 
Yes I have unconsciously chose to avoid doing to the work, but I sought out training so now I have developed techniques to inspire myself to embrace my gifts, lean into life and choose to live life on my terms. I use my past successes as fuel, I use my past failures as fuel, I use my past heart breaks as fuel, just as I use my current success as fuel, Fuel to create my future!  

Watch this video, think of your gifts, the ones you possess that you are afraid to express, practice in private to perform in public, the gifts you judge yourself so harshly on or even deny to acknowledge you have these gifts at all.

WHY are you afraid to succeed, afraid to be the leader in your life, your business in your family? I use to be afraid, constantly second-guessing me and was denied success many times.  

BUT I learned to live with more uncertainty. Each day I lean into myself, believe in myself and become more self aware of how these improvements in me effected others lives. As a result of me being afraid but taking action anyway has taught me to believe. Most who know me are scratching your head saying; "what is he afraid of?" Yes I am afraid daily, This fear fuel me to be grateful for being me. I did not do this all alone, I had help, Coaches, trainers and workshops. 

Remember you cannot get rid of fear but when you are afraid, act, in spite of the fear Leaders decide and act anyway. 

Decide and Act;  you will greatly effect many more lives in a positive way because of your actions by choosing to lead yourself first!

Contact me today to Add Leadership Value to your Team, your School, your leaders and even your CEO's. Leaders are what I build from the INSIDE Out. Who are you showing up as in your life? Be a Leader - "It's Not Rocket Science"