My love of life is to guide you to uncover your Internal Leader by adding the strength of Choice to your life, at work and where it really count - at home in your personal life.

As a Leadership and Life Strategist - using multiple methods, intuition, insights, empathy and abilities come from my experiences.Teaching others how to master their Internal Leader is not just another product or service I offer, I have lived, survived and thrived. I learned to lead myself from the inside first!

I care by giving you what is needed to help you see who you will become and it is your gift to me that I am witness to your growth. This growth and seeing you have a breakthrough, epiphany or Ah-ha moment is masterful. 

I bring my wealth of NASA Mission Control leadership experience to all your trainings to enhance your personal performance one by blowing up your ideas of who you ‘think’ you are. He help you discover who you are really meant to become within your Team, Organization and Personally and ‘WHY’ you are so important to the your Mission Objectives.

I’ll help you take away the understanding and ownership of your ‘Mission Objective’ as your own. This personal ownership adds greater value to everyone because only you know and define the ‘WHY’ of your Mission!